High blood pressure: The sign on your face of the ‘silent killer’

high blood pressure the sign on your face of the silent killer

Sumary of High blood pressure: The sign on your face of the ‘silent killer’:

  • High blood pressure affects around a third of adults in the UK. The scary aspect of having this condition is that you might not even realise it as symptoms can be impossible to spot.
  • One possible warning sign of high blood pressure could be recurrent flushed skin.
  • The medical site explains that endocrine disorders that lead to high levels of hormones that impact stress, blood pressure as well as blood vessels can cause flushing.
  • DON’T MISS: American Heart Society states that facial flushing can be accompanying stress, alcohol consumption and exercise, which can all raise blood pressure levels temporarily.
  • Even though facial flushing can happen when your blood pressure is higher than usual, the charity says that high blood pressure is not the direct cause.
  • Some other possible signs of high blood pressure are:HeadachesShortness of breathNosebleeds.

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