High blood pressure: Two ‘healthy’ foods which you may need to avoid – what to eat

high blood pressure two healthy foods which you may need to avoid what to eat

Sumary of High blood pressure: Two ‘healthy’ foods which you may need to avoid – what to eat:

  • Around a third of adults in the UK have high blood pressure, although many will not realise it, according to the NHS. The health body says that it is not always clear what causes high blood pressure, but there are things that can increase your risk.
  • Certain lifestyle changes can help prevent and lower high blood pressure such as having a generally healthy diet and stopping smoking.
  • It adds: “We all know that sugar causes obesity, but it’s also implicated in high blood pressure.
  • It disrupts your metabolism, for example by causing your body to produce too much insulin and leptin, reducing sodium and water excretion by the kidneys and causing your blood vessels to constrict.
  • Moderna vaccine side effects: EMA assessing reports of a new ‘serious’ complicationIt adds: “Sports drinks, too, tend to be associated with a healthy lifestyle, but may be packed with sugar to give you instant energy.
  • The NHS suggests that to lower high blood pressure you should cut back on alcohol, lose weight if you’re overweight, exercise regularly, cut down on caffeine and stop smoking.
  • “If you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend taking one or more medicines to keep it under control,” it adds.
  • DON’T MISS: Although it may not always be caused by something underlying, in about one in 20 cases high blood pressure happens as the result of an underlying health condition or taking a certain medicine.

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