Hot yoga 101: What is it and how can it benefit your health

hot yoga 101 what is it and how can it benefit your health

Sumary of Hot yoga 101: What is it and how can it benefit your health:

  • The ancient Indian practice of yoga, is a combination of exercises and meditation techniques, that integrates the mind and the body.
  • This practice comprises numerous poses, and variations, which can be taken up by anyone with some precautions, regardless of their physical abilities, and medical history.
  • This involves practicing specific yogic poses in a hot room, that will provide intensity and benefit your muscles and bones.
  • Image courtesy: Shutterstock The poses demand lengthy, and sustained contractions of all major muscle groups and joints.
  • The combination of heat and strenuous poses, will increase the heart rate of the practitioners, and help build the targeted muscles.
  • These poses are your general yoga poses such as pranayama and garudasana, and breathing exercises, but require a more focused and sustained approach while being performed.
  • Here’s how hot yoga can benefit your health Hot yoga can help improve overall bodily balance, stiffness, and provides a host of health benefits: 1. Improves flexibility and strength: The hot environment can make the yoga poses more effective, as stretching after a warm is safer than stretching cold or underused muscles.
  • The intensity of heat and yoga poses targeting every major muscle group, will help target the fat deposits, and burn calories.

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