How to Ease the Worry of Holiday Gathering

how to ease the worry of holiday gathering

Sumary of How to Ease the Worry of Holiday Gathering:

  • More from the well newsletterYour best advice for mental health daysPulling weeds, attending a movie matinee or just doing nothing: That’s how Well readers spend their time when they need to take a day off to recharge.
  • Christina Caron explains:The pandemic has pushed many of us to re-examine our priorities and become more attuned to our needs, so the idea of taking a mental health day away from work or school has begun to seem essential rather than daring.
  • We turned to our readers to find out what they do during a mental health day.
  • So take a load off and get more ideas for how to spend your mental health day.
  • Find out how Well readers take mental health breaks:Mental Health Days Are Important.
  • His unconventional cheesy pizza stuffing is a fun take on a traditional dish that is sure to convert some stuffing skeptics.
  • Everything cooks at one temperature — 350 degrees — so you’re not performing mental or physical gymnastics with the oven.

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