How to make fitness part of your lifestyle

how to make fitness part of your lifestyle

Sumary of How to make fitness part of your lifestyle:

  • We are putting the horse on the wrong end of the cart when we see exercising and watching our food as a hard toil to push our fitness cart forward.
  • Think of exercising and watching what we eat as the horse that easily and effortlessly rolls the cart forward.
  • Don’t exercise as a means to burn calories Again, I have seen trainees worrying about how much calories they might have worked out at the gym to subtract the unusually high calorie intake at a weekend party.
  • Working out with the inward target of burning out extra calories carries an element of nagging guilt in it, doesn’t it?
  • This means your time spent exercising carries some kind of burden in it, a seething irritation.
  • Then you are no longer enjoying what you are doing, whether you are exercising at a gym or just walking or putting the spade to use in your backyard.
  • It is best to keep the calorie count in the background, seldom allowing it to come up in mind and spoil the enjoyment of what you are doing.
  • Worrying overmuch about calories tends to develop a kind of self-consuming obsession that brings only stress and anxiety.

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