I tried the 'Rock The Boat' TikTok fitness challenge that's gone viral — and I unde …

Sumary of I tried the 'Rock The Boat' TikTok fitness challenge that's gone viral — and I understand why a personal trainer doesn't want beginners to try it:

  • Personal trainer Luke Worthington told Insider it’s an advanced movement that could be dangerous for beginners.
  • TikTokers are uploading videos of themselves doing the “Rock the Boat” challenge, a short circuit exercise routine that includes plank jacks and shoulder taps.
  • I tried the challenge and found it wasn’t for beginners, and personal trainer Luke Worthington told me that it could potentially result in injury if people aren’t careful.
  • Planks are more advanced than many people thinkThe “Rock the Boat challenge” is a full body exercise, mainly working the core and shoulders.
  • “The challenge is essentially holding a plank position whilst moving the limbs around that stationary torso,” Worthington said.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, a plank is an advanced exercise, Worthington said: “It requires us to support our bodyweight in a prone (face down) position, this means that our bodyweight is acting at 90 degrees to the spine (we call this ‘shear force’).
  • It’s an ‘advanced’ challenge with significant injury riskIf you don’t have adequate core strength or your muscles fatigue, the lumbar spine (low back) is immediately put into a very vulnerable position of hyper-extension, making it very susceptible to injury, Worthington said.

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