Instagram algorithms ‘push teen girls to weight-loss content’

instagram algorithms push teen girls to weight loss content

Sumary of Instagram algorithms ‘push teen girls to weight-loss content’:

  • Instagram algorithms are pushing teenage girls towards significant weight-loss content despite a flirting engagement with fitness-related images, according to new research.
  • This led the explore tab to feature content about weight loss, exercise, and body sculpting, including “noticeably slim, and in some cases seemingly edited/distorted body shapes”.
  • ‘Children shouldn’t be able to access inappropriate content online‘ Charity chair Lady Beeban Kidron said she was disturbed “automated pathways” exist that lead children to such images.
  • Dame Rachel de Souza, the children’s commissioner for England, said: “We don’t allow children to access services and content that are inappropriate for them in the offline world.
  • They shouldn’t be able to access them in the online world either.
  • ” Instagram has faced previous criticism for showing anorexia in its search functions, and now puts warning labels on pro-anorexia content.

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