It’s time to say goodbye to these 6 workout mistakes that can lead to terrible muscle cramps

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Have you ever had one of those days when you’re working out at the gym or at home in high spirits and suddenly an involuntary muscle contraction makes you almost writhe in pain, and you have no option but to reach out for the resting bench? 

Well, that’s what a serious muscle cramp can do to you. In fact, according to Dr. Kruti Khemani, physiotherapist and founder, Continuum Sports Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre, Mumbai; these cramps can lead to serious injuries and if undiagnosed, can cause health problems like kidney failure, peripheral nerve or blood-supply issues or even muscle tear depending on the cause. 

So, it’s best to avoid these 6 workout mistakes that can make you more prone to getting a muscle cramp:

1. Your gym’s a hot mess We mean, temperature-wise, of course. “Working out in extremely hot weather, say 45-50 degrees, is one of the major causes of cramps. This can lead to excessive sweating, which in turn can cause an electrolyte imbalance and does not allow the muscles to relax,” Khemani points out.

Feel exhausted after workout? Lemon water can give all the electrolytes that you need. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“The best way to prevent cramps here is to replenish the electrolytes by consuming foods/drinks like bananas and nimbu pani, that contain adequate amounts of sodium and potassium during the workout,” she adds.

2. You’re working out in a hangover If you had too much alcohol the previous night, chances are that you’re also going to feel quite dehydrated the next day. …

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Author: Shipra Yadav

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