Love doing yoga? Here are six winter practices to incorporate into your everyday life


Yoga is not only a healthy practice, but it is immensely enjoyable, too. In the winter season, as the temperatures plummet, it is necessary to continue doing yoga, so the body can defend against seasonal illnesses and other health problems. Namita Piparaiya, a yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle specialist, and the founder of ‘Yoganama’ tells that in Ayurveda, the winter season is a powerful time when our body’s natural strength and stamina are the highest. “Not only that, even the digestive fire called ‘agni‘, is balanced and powerful. This allows the body to assimilate nutrition and stay warm throughout this season. Naturally, our yoga practice would also evolve with the weather change to ensure the doshas remain balanced,” she says.

Piparaiya says that since it is natural for the body to crave a change with the seasons, a few simple tips can help balance your winter yoga practice.

* Start with joint rotations (also called Sukshma Vyayama): Winters are when vata and kapha dosha tend to get disturbed easily. Both can cause stiffness and lethargy. Plus, the cold weather requires us to warm up sufficiently before starting our practice. The colder it is, the more important it becomes to practise joint rotations. Start with moving the toes and gradually make your way up to the ankle, knee, hip, fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and neck — in that order.

* Focus more on holding postures: Early winter season is when vata dosha (wind element) is stronger.…

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