My husband reads to me at bedtime most nights. It helps me fall asleep.

my husband reads to me at bedtime most nights it helps me fall asleep

Sumary of My husband reads to me at bedtime most nights. It helps me fall asleep.:

  • When we were in a long-distance relationship, my partner started reading to me over the phone.
  • My long-distance boyfriend has just finished a day of work in Canada;
  • Over the next 20 minutes he reads to me — sometimes a book, other times rugby articles, and occasionally an NHL report.
  • At the end of each reading session, he tells me that he loves me and that he’ll talk to me in the morning — or so he says.
  • We alternate nights of him reading with listening to audiobooks.
  • ” Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are great, but they can’t tell when I’m falling asleep.
  • My husband studied theater — I’m treated to a plethora of vocal gymnastics.
  • Chris finds reading aloud therapeutic, much as a script read-through was for him back in the day.

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