my wife thought my breaststroke was a joke romesh ranganathan

Sumary of My wife thought my breaststroke was a joke | Romesh Ranganathan:

  • My mum booked me regular lessons, and I remember her watching from up in the gallery as I earned my 50-metre swimming badge.
  • I remember swimming a lot as a kid, and finding it very easy, so it was hardwired into my self-image that I was a strong swimmer.
  • This did not diminish as I went through adult life very much trying to avoid swimming as it involved showing my body in public – something I have always been allergic to, despite the fact that every travel show I have done required me to remove my top.
  • For some reason, however, I always assumed I’d stay on 50-metre badge-winning form for the rest of my life.
  • she thought I was swimming like that to be funny, which is both an insult to my swimming and my comedic sensibilities.
  • She told me that it looked as if I was doing an impression of someone I had seen swimming.
  • After the awkwardness of realising that was me actually swimming, she offered to teach me, which led to an afternoon of arguing that nearly ended the relationship.
  • I decided to set the family a swimming challenge – 10 minutes to do as many lengths of the pool as possible.

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