new study reveals the exercise trick for erasing the effects of sitting

Sumary of New Study Reveals the Exercise Trick for Erasing the Effects of Sitting:

  • Research published in JAMA in 2019 found that the average U.S. adolescent sits for 7-8 hours daily, while the average adult takes a load off 6 hours every single day.
  • Another study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, focused on lifestyle changes brought on by COVID-19. The researchers reported a 28% increase in time spent sitting all over the world.
  • That means the largest muscles in the body take in minimal sugar from the bloodstream, consequently slowing the metabolism and interfering with blood sugar regulation, fat breakdown, and blood pressure.
  • The end result of those metabolic changes is more sugar and cholesterol in the bloodstream, which means a greater risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • ” If you work a job that necessities long hours spent sitting, reading all this may be more than just a little worrying.
  • Study authors advise getting up and spending 3 minutes walking, climbing some stairs, or even busting out a few jumping jacks for each consecutive half hour spent sedentary.
  • At the very least aim for 15 steps as a bare minimum during each 3 minute break.
  • When a small group of study participants followed the above instructions, their daily blood sugar fluctuations improved.

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