Pregnancy-related back pain: Know how physiotherapy can help

pregnancy related back pain know how physiotherapy can help

Sumary of Pregnancy-related back pain: Know how physiotherapy can help:

  • As such, educating pregnant women and new mothers about the role of exercise during this key life transition period is essential as it can have a great impact on their physical and mental wellness, said Dr Sagar Pathare, lead rehabilitation, Mumbai, Nightingales Home Health Services.
  • Pregnancy-related back pain commonly occurs because of the postural changes of pregnancy, increased ligamentous laxity, and decreased abdominal muscle function,” he shared.
  • A physiotherapist can assess physical health and identify any musculoskeletal or neuromuscular problems that could be aggravated by pregnancy.
  • During labour, relaxation principles including breathing awareness can reduce the severity of pain,” said Dr Pathare.
  • The principles to follow when lifting are: *Legs should be apart to increase the base of support.
  • standing, sitting, lying and crook lying position (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock) Pelvic floor rehabilitation Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a valuable method, regardless of a patient’s medical status or cause of symptoms.
  • Majority of women are unfamiliar with the presence of pelvic floor muscles, and even less aware of their function and role in daily activities.

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