Running a marathon without proper training may increase your chances of heart attack

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Running a marathon has become a cult nowadays. Everyone wants to give it a shot. Some want to do it for the social media fam and some for fitness. Actually, it’s a great trend that has picked up in India but there is only one drawback. People want to run but proper training is missing in their schedule – especially, who do it for fun. And this small mistake might give you a big blow in the form of a heart attack. 

According to the study published in the journal Circulation, while aerobic exercise generally benefits health, extreme endurance exercise — like marathon and triathlon — can raise a person’s risk for sudden cardiac arrest and atrial fribrillation.

Running more 20 kilometres might seem daunting, but it’s all about the harmony between your mind and body. Image courtesy: Nivedita Samanta/Adidas

Stay active but don’t overdo it especially, if you an inactive lifestyle After reviewing more than 300 scientific studies, the research team found that physically active people, such as regular walkers, have up to a 50% lower risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death. Having said that, the team of researchers also identified the potential risks attached to intense exercise training.

 “Exercise is medicine, and there is no question that moderate to vigorous physical activity is beneficial to overall cardiovascular health. However, like medicine, it is possible to underdose and overdose on exercise — more is not always better and can lead to cardiac events, particularly when performed by inactive, unfit individuals with known or undiagnosed heart disease,” said Barry A Franklin, Professor at Oakland University in the US.…

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