Stroke management: Expert suggests alternative therapies

stroke management expert suggests alternative therapies

Sumary of Stroke management: Expert suggests alternative therapies:

  • “While standard medical care such as medication and therapy is often prescribed to stroke survivors, research has shown that CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) therapies can significantly improve the quality of life and functionality during the recovery phase from a stroke.
  • Though modern medicine has an important part in stroke recovery, using different naturopathic approaches, the process of recovery from stroke can be enhanced and sped up,” he continues.
  • “According to a study by the American Journal of Recreation Therapy, yoga can increase stability, improve range of motion and emotional regulation, as well as bring positive changes in participation and activity in people with chronic stroke.
  • (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock) AcupunctureThe Chinese complementary medicine – acupuncture – involves skin penetration with fine needles at certain points.
  • “Research and studies have shown that acupuncture improves issues with spasticity, pain, physical functions, cognitive functions, and quality of life if administered after a stroke.
  • Apart from facilitating recovery of function, acupuncture assists in the improvement of the nervous system functions, which is highly desirable in stroke patients.
  • The therapy works by stimulating the nervous system, which releases chemicals into the brain, spinal cord, and muscles.
  • Massage therapyMassage therapy can manipulate the tissues in the body to enhance overall well-being and health.

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