Supermarkets Use Sneaky Layouts to Influence Your Food Choices: How to Resist

supermarkets use sneaky layouts to influence your food choices how to resist

Sumary of Supermarkets Use Sneaky Layouts to Influence Your Food Choices: How to Resist:

  • According to University of Southampton researchers, helping people to eat better may be as simple as rearranging the layout of their local supermarket.
  • However, having foods like fruits and vegetables near the front of the store can guide people to make healthier choices.
  • The lead authors, Dr. Christina Vogel and Dr. Janis Baird, performed their study in conjunction with the UK supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd.A selection of Iceland stores in England were monitored for sales, purchasing, and dietary patterns by taking a sample of their regular customers.
  • In addition, the researchers found that people’s individual dietary quality improved.
  • Matthew Black, a registered dietician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said there are quite a few things you can do to ensure that you are buying healthy foods, even if your store grocery is not encouraging it through their layout.
  • These apps provide a score for products based on such criteria as health and fitness goals or specified dietary preferences, like vegetarian or gluten-free.

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