Thank You for Appropriately Using Antibiotics

thank you for appropriately using antibiotics

Sumary of Thank You for Appropriately Using Antibiotics:

  • These evening campfires relax my soul and provide a reason for friends and family to just be together, even in the times of COVID-19. I am thankful that multidrug resistance does not typically equate to bacterial virulence.
  • As an infectious disease clinician, who also works in infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship, I see many multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections.
  • I also see many multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria that are NOT causing infection.
  • Many clinicians see a bacteria with accumulating resistance, for example in a patient’s urine culture, and find themselves anxiously wanting to “clear” this bacteria.
  • However, we know that certain resistance mechanisms lower the fitness of the bacteria, and abstaining from applying the antibiotic pressure can eventually allow more susceptible bacteria to re-establish their colonization.
  • Bacteria are universal in our body and often innocuous and even beneficial, so the simple act of trying to “clear” the bacteria can actually allow more virulent pathogens, resistant or not, to take over.
  • I am thankful for the researchers who have helped us determine where shorter antibiotic durations are just as good or better than longer ones for many common infections.
  • To my benefit and that of my patients, the past 5-10 years have seen an accumulating number of published studies showing shorter durations are better in common infections.

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