The #1 Secret to Getting Stronger, Says Strength Coach

the 1 secret to getting stronger says strength coach 1

Sumary of The #1 Secret to Getting Stronger, Says Strength Coach:

  • Go into any gym or health club and you’ll witness people lifting dumbbells and barbells or working out on resistance machines and… wasting their time.
  • They’re not pushing their muscles hard enough to trigger muscle growth, say strength coaches and personal trainers.
  • “In my experience, left unchecked, some people will use the same weight over and over again just because it’s ‘safe,’ and then they’ll never get stronger,” says Jake Harcoff, CSCS, owner and strength coach at AIM Athletic in Vancouver.
  • “At the end of the day, if you are not progressively overloading your muscle, the benefit of your work falls off.
  • In the experiment, researchers asked 160 people who strength train regularly how much weight they usually put on the bar for doing 10 reps on the bench press.
  • They were short-changing themselves on getting a worthwhile workout by using resistance loads far too light for optimizing muscle growth.
  • To stimulate muscle growth, you must first create muscle breakdown.
  • Then, you must allow rest time for the repair process, during which your body heals the microtears in your muscles from strength training, which then makes you stronger.

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