The Olympics Nightmare: What Happens If an Athlete Tests COVID-19 Positive During Tokyo Games

the olympics nightmare what happens if an athlete tests covid 19 positive during tokyo games

Sumary of The Olympics Nightmare: What Happens If an Athlete Tests COVID-19 Positive During Tokyo Games:

  • Five athletes, including Czech volleyball player Ondrej Perusic and US gymnast Kara Eaker, have so far tested positive for the deadly virus.
  • While the COVID-19 cases among volunteers and contractors can be managed by isolating such cases, the biggest challenge the organisers seem to be facing is how to deal with coronavirus-infected athletes once the competitions start at the quadrennial sports mega-event.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in tandem with international sports federations, came up with Sport-Specific Regulations (SSR), explaining what needs to be done in case an athlete tests positive for coronavirus, but it left many questions unanswered.
  • For instance, will a football team claim a silver medal if it is unable to compete in the final due to a positive test before the game?
  • However, the situation changes drastically in other sports, especially team sports like field hockey, football, beach volleyball and handball, where a team or a player testing positive will be replaced almost immediately.
  • In events like badminton, boxing and tennis, if a player’s test comes out positive, he or she will not be replaced, rather the opponent gets a bye for a place in the next round.
  • In case the scenario repeats itself in the final, for example, in men’s singles in tennis, the player who tests positive will receive a silver medal while his rival will be given the gold medal.
  • Guidelines for Wrestling and Football Create Confusion Contact sports such as wrestling have rules that differ quite a bit.

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