These Are the Workers Who Kept New York Alive in Its Darkest Months

these are the workers who kept new york alive in its darkest months

Sumary of These Are the Workers Who Kept New York Alive in Its Darkest Months:

  • These Are the Workers Who Kept New York Alive in Its Darkest Months The city’s 2.5 million service workers were at the center of the pandemic as it ravaged New York.
  • If the city doesn’t sleep, it’s because hundreds of thousands of service workers who cater to any conceivable need don’t either.
  • When thousands of offices, hotels, stores, gyms and restaurants went dark and silent, New York City’s estimated 2.5 million service workers suddenly faced the unimaginable prospect of no income and no idea when — or if — they could return to work.
  • The New York Times interviewed and photographed 130 of these workers.
  • Joanne Englebert, 56Housekeeper at Developmental Disabilities Services Office.
  • the leisure and hospitality industries are predicted to remain behind pre-pandemic levels until at least 2025. Service workers do the kinds of anonymous jobs that make the city run smoothly.
  • As the enormousness of the economic calamity sank in, some people were able to pivot quickly: Fitness trainers held online group classes;
  • At a Staten Island group home for developmentally disabled adults, staff members put in as many as eight consecutive shifts, exhausting themselves as they helped their charges and assuaged their anxieties, napping when they could on couches.

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