These Are the Workouts You Should Never Do Alone, Say Experts

these are the workouts you should never do alone say experts

Sumary of These Are the Workouts You Should Never Do Alone, Say Experts:

  • “You’re always going to get a more effective workout if you have someone [professional] doing them with you,” says Erica Ziel, a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor.
  • “If you’re heavy lifting free weights or using the bar rack, you need a spotter,” says Ziel.
  • Otherwise, you’re risking injury and even death, especially if you’re bench pressing super heavy barbells.
  • If you don’t have a gym buddy and still want to strength train, opt for body weight or lighter hand weights instead.
  • For more intel on lifting, check out New Study Reveals the Side Effect of Lifting Weights Just 2 Times Per Week.
  • ShutterstockWhile Ziel is a big fan of at-home Pilates mat workouts, she’s not super into the idea of people using Pilates machines without any supervision.
  • “Unless you’re a really experienced Pilates student… someone can really hurt themselves on a Reformer if they don’t have the education or the experience,” she says.

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