Things you can try to beat boredom

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By Mikyle Quizon

I used to be pretty sure that being bored was the most impossible thing in today’s world, with all that people could do on and offline. But only four weeks ago, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, President Duterte declared an enhanced community quarantine for the whole of Luzon. I never thought that being bored would be a struggle for everyone. From being used to working at cafes, meeting friends randomly anywhere, late night road trips, to even going home in the morning from a party, the norm has changed for all of us.

Being stuck at home has totally changed our routines. I consider this a struggle because not everyone can easily adapt to what’s happening to the world now. But, of course, safety is the number one priority. That’s why we also have to cooperate and listen to what the government is telling us. The fight against Covid-19 is a battle we all have to win. It is a challenge we all have to face. We have no choice but to create and live with a new routine that we have to get used to. Create a new kind of norm—for now, at least.

We’re all stuck in the same situation, doing the same routine for four weeks now and I’m pretty sure you are beginning to run out of things to do. In short, you’ve probably come face to face with an old friend: boredom—boredom that leads to some negative things like overthinking or being unproductive, and we don’t want that.…

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Author: MB Lifestyle

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