Trying to lose weight quickly? Then these 5 exercises aren’t for you

Trying to lose weight quickly? Then these 5 exercises aren’t for you

If instant weight loss is on your mind, it’s time to skip these 5 exercises, as it will do no good for your body.

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Staying fit and exercising is not just healthy for your mind, but it is much required for your body too!. While exercise helps in losing weight sooner or later, if you want to see results in a short period of time, then choosing the right kind of exercise is a must. 

No expert will recommend you go for instant weight loss programs, since they are not sustainable. But if for some reason, you still want to give it a shot, then try to stay away from these exercises. 

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1. Yoga

Don’t get shocked, ladies. Although yoga has immense benefits to offer, sadly it cannot help you lose weight instantly. It can certainly help you to lose weight in the long run, but if you are looking for short-term weight loss, then yoga really isn’t for you.

However, you can include power yoga poses such as surya namaskar to burn more calories.

Ms Bhavani Pinisetti, yoga and pilates expert and founder of Laxmana Yoga & Pilates says, “Asanas such as sukshma vyayama( loosening exercise), sleeping pigeon (Eka pada rajakapotasana), shavasana, bhujangasana, malasana, pawana muktasana, and makarasana will not help you with weight loss in the short term. 

Sadly, bhujangasana will not help you lose weight fast.

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