Work-from-home routine: What shoulder and neck pain could indicate


For a long time now, many people across the country have been working remotely. But the work-from-home schedule has not exactly been as comfortable as it was expected. Close to a year now, people have started to realise that the home space lacks a certain discipline that office cubicles and desks provide. As such, many have complained of neck and shoulder pain, along with pain in the back, because of bad posture.

Dr Raman Kant Aggarwal, director, Institute of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Orthopaedics, Medanta, tells that a person working from home is more likely to either use the computer on a regular table or in a lounge chair, or on their bed. “Wherever that may be, chances are that they aren’t maintaining a healthy posture. This can manifest into orthopaedic problems such as neck pains and shoulder pains, among others. This can also lead to spinal dysfunction or even joint degeneration in the long run.”

But how can people prevent this?

The doctor recommends recreating work set-up at home. “Invest in a table and a chair, so that proper ergonomics is maintained.”

* Do not slouch: Sit straight with your shoulders braced up. You can rotate the shoulder from time-to-time as well.

* Do not keep the screen too close: The laptop or the PC should be at least 45 cm away.

Pro-tip: “Put the screen in front of you at a comfortable viewing height. Neck strain can be directly related to t

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