World Osteoporosis Day: Delay bone loss with timely prevention

world osteoporosis day delay bone loss with timely prevention

Sumary of World Osteoporosis Day: Delay bone loss with timely prevention:

  • Listen to this article Osteoporosis, or the weakening of bones in layman terms, is a widely prevalent health concern.
  • And so, the earlier you start taking care of your bone health, the better your overall health will be in your later years.
  • These fractures often go unnoticed even when they are caused by osteoporosis, which does not show major symptoms until things go bad, explains Dr GV Reddy, Senior Consultant – Orthopedics, Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy, Manipal Hospitals, Vijayawada.
  • This is usually caused by a collapsed vertebra Past fractures can often lead to osteoporosis, as the bones are weak and it takes longer to heal Right posture always plays an essential role in a healthy spine and the rest of the bones too.
  • Joint Replacement, Jaypee Hospital (Noida), suggests for protection and strengthening of your bones: Eliminate unhealthy habits like drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking and consumption of unhealthy food.
  • However, supplementation might be suggested Engage in regular weight-bearing exercises Consult your doctor regarding bone health and whether you require an examination for bone density Use osteoporosis medications should you need it Also Read: Are you at risk of getting osteoporosis?
  • Image courtesy: Shutterstock Mental health concerns around osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a silent ailment that people do not pay attention to, till a fracture shows up, reminds Dr Reddy.

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