You be the judge: should my husband spend more time with our baby?

you be the judge should my husband spend more time with our baby

Sumary of You be the judge: should my husband spend more time with our baby?:

  • Recently Isaac vomited everywhere and I called Tom for help.
  • It is the one thing he doesn’t want to give up – but he’s quite self-centred for someone who’s meant to be a team player.
  • After the office I want to spend as much time with Isaac as possible: talking to him, reading him stories, preparing dinner, and making silly voices while I cook.
  • I want Tom to work and play hard, then come home and enjoy spending time with our family.
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  • Jenny wants to be close to Isaac all the time, whereas I am less hands-on because I want him to explore, learn things for himself and be independent.
  • The time that Jenny phoned me about Isaac being sick, I was already out and it was quite a normal thing – babies vomit a lot.
  • I will try and do my sports early in the morning or late in the evening when Isaac is sleeping so it doesn’t impact the time I spend with them, but I can’t give up my exercise routine.

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