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Only one new COVID-19 case found on Jan 19

NDO/VNAOnly one new COVID-19 case, a man returning from the US, was detected in the past 24 hours on January 19, according to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

Does IRS Tax Legal Malpractice Settlements?

Legal malpractice claims arise out of accident and medical malpractice cases, wills and trusts, divorce, litigation, tax advice, real estate deals, and many other types of legal matters. Is it taxable? As ordinary income, capital gain, basis recovery, or some combination?

WHO chief denounces rich nations’ ‘queue jumping’ over Covid-19 vaccines

The World Health Organization has warned that rich nations could be responsible for soaring inequality around the world if they don’t take a responsible attitude to the purchase and distribution of coronavirus vaccines. The body’s director has accused some of “queue jumping” to get their citizens inoculated, while less wealthy countries miss out.

France’s elder and local authorities criticise slow vaccination rollout despite growing demand

France’s population aged 75 and over can now make an appointment to get a coronavirus vaccine, as the campaign was officially launched on Monday. But criticism has been raised, as half a million doses have been reserved, but the system is now officially overwhelmed. Local authorities have pointed to a lack of shots, with some eve trying to procure the supplies themselves.

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