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विश्वव्यापी जानकारी & मनोभ्रंश उपचार पर समाचार और सुझावों को रोकने से आपको मनोभ्रंश को धीमा करने में मदद मिलती है, iWeller ने डिमेंशिया हेल्थकेयर जानकारी को प्यार से साझा किया है.

Could Dirty Air Help Speed Alzheimer’s?

TUESDAY, Dec. 1, 2020 — Older adults exposed to air pollution might have a heightened risk of abnormalplaqueaccumulation in the brain, a new study suggests.
Plaques refer to clumps of protein called beta-amyloid that build up in the

First blood test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s goes on sale

Washington, November 30 A company has started selling the first blood test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, a leap for the field that could make it much easier for people to learn whether they have dementia. It also raises

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