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Worldwide info & news on mental health tips, tips on reducing stress and emotional control, opinion on better mind set and improve morale, iWeller shares mental health tips with love.

Can Moderate Drinking Really Help Your Heart? What Experts Think

Share on PinterestNew research suggests moderate drinking may reduce your risk of death from heart disease by lowering stress, but experts say the negative effects alcohol can have on your health outweigh any potential benefits…..

Low levels of a simple sugar — A new biomarker for severe MS?

Multiple sclerosis, or MS for short, manifests itself slightly differently in each person — which is why some call it “the disease of a thousand faces.”. Unlike the more common relapsing-remitting variant (RRMS), in which…

Victoria has no new local COVID-19 cases

His positive test on Tuesday sparked a contact tracing blitz, with hundreds of train passengers on two metropolitan services last Friday night alerted.. Acting Premier James Merlino said of the 115 primary contacts, 67 had…

Using contrast MRI after a heart attack could increase survival

According to the British Heart Foundation, heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter (27 per cent) of all deaths in the UK, which equates to more than 160,000 deaths each year — or one death every three minutes…..

To enhance creativity, keep your research team fresh

In this context, the effect of different characteristics of a team on its research performance has been studied extensively.. Various factors such as team size, number of countries involved, universities, disciplines, and…

How good is your sense of smell?

An acute loss of smell is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, but for two decades it has been linked to other maladies among them Parkinson’s disease and dementia.. Now, a poor sense of smell may signify a higher…

Brain research gets a boost from mosquitoes

Ofer Yizhar and his team in the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Neurobiology Department took a light-sensitive protein derived from mosquitos and used it to devise an improved method for investigating the messages that are…

Interactive typeface for digital text

However, spoken language or abstract text need to be made visible in order to be read, be it in print or on screen.. How does the way a text looks affect its readability, that is, how it is being read, processed, and understood?….

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