11 Best Tips for Getting Through a Panic Attack, According to Experts

11 best tips for getting through a panic attack according to experts

Sumary of 11 Best Tips for Getting Through a Panic Attack, According to Experts:

  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 31.1% of U.S. adults will develop anxiety disorder during their lifetime.
  • ShutterstockIf you want to help reduce some of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing as part of your panic attack, clinical social worker Eric E.
  • Strom, LICSW, BCD, CEO of Mental Health Solutions, LLC, recommends a simple breathing technique.
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  • “Recognize the anxiety for what it is and remember that it won’t kill you,” says Kristel Roper, a licensed professional clinical counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist at Dauntless Counseling.
  • ” ShutterstockWhile you may not be able to instantly rid yourself of the mental strife you’re experiencing, trying to work through some of the physical tension you’re feeling may help you make it through your panic attack.
  • Relaxing your body physically will help you to relax mentally.
  • “There is a reason that movies show the anxious character splashing water on their face—this is engaging the lizard brain and subtly jolting the nervous system to presence,” says Biron.

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