2020 was the year of negative emotions, poll finds

2020 was the year of negative emotions poll finds

Sumary of 2020 was the year of negative emotions, poll finds:

  • The world had the most negative year on record in 2020, according to global polling from Gallup.
  • Gallup’s ‘Negative Experience Index’ reached its highest number in 15 years, with 40 percent of survey respondents saying they were worried and 40 percent saying they were stressed.
  • Some countries had much worse experiences than the global average – Iraq, Lebanon, and Peru scored the highest on the Negative Experience Index at 53 points, 51 points, and 51 points, compared to the global score of 32.And it’s not just the pandemic to blame.
  • The research agency tracks sadness, worry, and other negative emotions with an annual ‘Negative Experience Index’ based on global polling.
  • That index reached a new, 15-year high in 2020.While the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly a key culprit in such negative experiences, a closer look at Gallup’s data suggests that other factors are also to blame.
  • Gallup’s Negative Experience Index poll includes surveys of almost 160,000 people in 115 countries, conducted in 2020 and 2021.To select respondents for the surveys, Gallup researchers looked at nationally representative samples of the adult population in each country.
  • In every phone interview, the researchers asked respondents if they had experienced five negative emotions on the previous day: worry, stress, physical pain, sadness, and anger.
  • Overall, these survey responses averaged out to a global Negative Experience Index score of 32 – higher than any score recorded by Gallup in 15 years of polling.

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