4 signs that you are a pessimist and need to look away from all that negativity

4 signs that you are a pessimist and need to look away from all that negativity

Thinking that nothing good will happen or always expecting failure is known as pessimism. Here are signs of pessimism that you need to look out for.

Ever met someone who says, “Why do bad things happen to me always?” at the slightest inconvenience? From dropping a pen to getting rejected at a job interview, we all have bad days. But, pessimism is characterised by the thought process that only bad things happen. A pessimist lives with the expectation that every effort will be met with failure and every outcome will be against them. This point-of-view is extremely negative and will eventually pull you down.

Here are four signs of pessimism to look out for. And if you’ve been thinking this way, you need to look away from the negativity:

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You avoid doing things you want to do

We all hate failing, don’t we? The truth is that each situation has only two outcomes: success and failure. The odds are fifty-fifty. However, those who are pessimistic always end up focusing on the fact that they might end up failing even before they pursue something they’ve always wanted to. Needless to say, this can really affect one’s life. If this is the attitude you have, it will only end up in you building a life you don’t truly want to live and cause severe frustration. The consequences will be such that your pessimism will get exacerbated.

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