41 Mental Health Apps That Can Make Life a Little Easier

41 mental health apps that can make life a little easier

Sumary of 41 Mental Health Apps That Can Make Life a Little Easier:

  • Confession: I’m a bit fanatical when it comes to mental health apps.
  • I love to problem-solve and explore new methods of self-care, and mental health apps help me do just that.
  • Having a variety of self-care tools at your disposal is helpful even when we aren’t in a global pandemic, but adding to your mental health toolkit might be even more important these days—particularly if you’re currently lacking connection, routine, or in-person mental health support.
  • While these are not a replacement for professional care, there are tons of genuinely helpful mental health apps out there to match a variety of problems, disorders, goals, and more.
  • Below, find a mix of personal recs, reviewer favorites, and expert-approved apps meant to manage and support your mental health.
  • (Heads up: I divided the apps based on what each is best known for, but there’s some overlap, especially among the more multifunctional mental health apps.
  • )Self-help and therapy skills appsWhether or not you go to therapy, you can never have too many evidence-based tools for managing your mental health.
  • (iOS and Google Play, free)DBT Coach: Whether you have an illness like borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or depression or are just dealing with a lot of emotions right now, this app makes DBT skills accessible through videos and animations.

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