7 Ways to Maintain Relationships When You’re Depressed

7 ways to maintain relationships when youre depressed

Sumary of 7 Ways to Maintain Relationships When You’re Depressed:

  • There are numerous types of antidepressants, and generally, they can relieve symptoms in a few weeks or months to provide additional support while you work with a therapist to incorporate other strategies.
  • Studies show that about 75% of people with depression have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep4. About 15% of people with depression have hypersomnia, meaning they feel overly tired even with adequate sleep.
  • If you’re not in therapy, journaling may help you identify some of the negative thoughts common with depression, Dr. Annunziato says.
  • Or maybe messaging your friend on Instagram feels easier because you can send funny posts that may trigger an easy conversation.

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