A new agent for brain diseases: mRNA


Sumary of A new agent for brain diseases: mRNA:

  • Researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) demonstrate an mRNA delivery system that effectively produces BDNF protein in rat brain to protect neurons from ischemia Tokyo — A lack of oxygen to brain tissue — known as ischemia — leads to the death of neurons, which results in stroke..
  • Now, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) researchers have reported a way of delivering mRNA to produce a therapeutic protein that protects neurons..
  • However, the BDNF molecule is too large to cross the brain’s protective barrier and is rapidly removed from the central nervous system, making it difficult for BDNF to make its mark as a treatment..
  • They designed a delivery system containing BDNF messenger RNA (mRNA), which is the information molecule needed to make BDNF..
  • Their system — known as an mRNA nanomicelle — is a tiny ball-like parcel of mRNA surrounded by polymer strands..
  • The polymer protects the mRNA from molecules that might break it down and helps to disguise it from the immune system..
  • “By selecting polymers with particular properties, we can ensure the mRNA is released when and where it is needed.”…

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