A Third of COVID-19 Patients Develop a Mental Health or Neurological Condition Within Six Months


Sumary of A Third of COVID-19 Patients Develop a Mental Health or Neurological Condition Within Six Months:

  • And now a new large study investigating the potential after-effects of COVID-19 found that about a third of people diagnosed with the infection will also be diagnosed with some type of neuropsychiatric condition within six months..
  • For the study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, a group of researchers at the University of Oxford started with a pool of health records for 81,000,000 patients in the U.S..
  • That includes mood disorders, anxiety (which 17.4% of patients developed), substance use disorder (found in 6.6% of the patients), and insomnia (seen in 5.4% of the patients)..
  • It also includes medical emergencies like ischemic stroke (found in 2.1% of patients) and neurological diseases like dementia (seen in 0.7% of the patients)..
  • But this study does suggest that the infection—and perhaps the trauma of surviving a life-threatening disease we’re still just beginning to understand in the midst of a global pandemic—can contribute to some of them..
  • This recent study lines up with what we already know about the potential for COVID-19 to cause neurological issues and other lingering symptoms..
  • Another recent study, published in October 2020, looked at more than 500 hospitalized COVID-19 patients and found that neurological symptoms were common among them…

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