Accidentally killing someone can lead to PTSD, addiction, and even suicidal thoughts, yet there' …

accidentally killing someone can lead to ptsd addiction and even suicidal thoughts yet theres minimal support for people in this position

Sumary of Accidentally killing someone can lead to PTSD, addiction, and even suicidal thoughts, yet there's minimal support for people in this position:

  • Causing a death can lead to severe mental health issues, including PTSD and self-harm.
  • Insider spoke to mental health professionals about how people can overcome such a tragic event.
  • Actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while filming his upcoming movie “Rust” on October 21. In doing so, he joins a small group of people known as accidental killers or CADIs — Causing Accidental Death or Injury.
  • Four people spoke to Insider’s Anna Medaris Miller and Erin Snodgrass about their own experiences of becoming accidental killers.
  • Despite the long-term mental health impact, there aren’t many resources available for people who find themselves in this position.
  • Psychologists spoke to Insider about the mental health burden faced by accidental killers and what they can do to move forward.
  • There’s minimal research on and resources for accidental killersRachel Cavallaro is a licensed psychologist who works with mental health service provider Thriveworks in Boston and specializes in trauma, depression , and addiction.
  • She told Insider the research around people who cause deaths is sparse, and usually relates to veterans in combat.

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