Category: Anxiety

Worldwide info & news on anxiety treatment and prevent tips help you to improve anxiety condition, iWeller shares anxiety healthcare information with love.

Better Hearing, Happier Life? Absolutely!

Your ears receive sounds and send them up to the brain, and the brain is where we perceive that we have actually heard a sound.. This is partly because the ability to participate in social activities and interacting with…

Babies withms

Children put on more weight between the ages of five and 14 if their father suffered from anxiety after they were born.. Researchers from University College London say more work is needed to establish the reason for the possible…

How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Children and young teens haven’t been spared the current mental health crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic.. In this context, parents and other caregivers have a special role to play in safeguarding their children mental…

Feeling Down? Support Via Social Media May Not Be Enough

If so, socializing the old-fashioned way — live and in-person — will likely do more to lift your spirits than online interactions, new research suggests.. “We wanted to see if the social support provided over social…

Accelerating vaccination against COVID-19

Do Xuan Tuyen, Truong Quoc Cuong, and Tran Van Thuan, along with many heads of MoH units and a large number of reporters, got a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at Hanoi Bach Mai Hospital.. One of the factors that has slowed…

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