Better Work Conditions Bringing Better Mental Health to Resident Doctors: Study

better work conditions bringing better mental health to resident doctors study

Sumary of Better Work Conditions Bringing Better Mental Health to Resident Doctors: Study:

  • 16, 2021 — Medical training may be taking less of a mental health toll on young doctors than it used to, but depression remains common, a new study suggests.
  • Medical residency — the training that new doctors undergo at hospitals or clinics — is infamous for its grueling schedule, high pressure and relatively low pay.
  • Now the new study offers some good news: Residency may not be as much of a drain on mental well-being as it was 15 years ago.
  • “Our findings suggest there has been some real improvement,” said Sen, a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School.
  • And that improvement, his team found, might be related to changes made in the “medical culture.
  • Even in the world of medicine, Sen said, there remains stigma around mental health conditions.
  • Over the years, non-surgical interns saw their average work week decline from 68 hours to 59 hours.
  • Surgical interns have seen a much smaller change, with the average work week dipping from 74 hours to 72. As for sleep, there was a small improvement among non-surgical interns.

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