Building a Career While Managing Eczema: How I Turned Struggle Into Strength

building a career while managing eczema how i turned struggle into strength

Sumary of Building a Career While Managing Eczema: How I Turned Struggle Into Strength:

  • As I finished high school and throughout my undergraduate studies, and even heading into medical school, I feel like my life became a never-ending cycle of itching, pain, and a sleep cycle ruined for years on end due to eczema.
  • For years I yearned to simply sleep a full night peacefully and rest.
  • I still remember taking my MCAT examination, the most crucial entrance standardized pre-medical examination, and trying to keep my concentration while itching.
  • When I had to take the exam to get into radiology residency, I was afraid of the exam itself, but even more so, I was afraid of taking it while not being allowed to take my cream into the examination room due to the rigidity of testing site rules.
  • Obviously if eczema is triggered by stress, taking the actual examination seemed like a guaranteed time to be stressed and then have a flare-up.
  • A common trigger for me, and I imagine others, is disrupted daily schedules, particularly with respect to sleep.
  • As a medical trainee, disrupted daily schedules, and particularly sleep schedules, are basically a prerequisite to our training.

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