Can being stressed give you diabetes? Let’s hear it from the experts

Can being stressed give you diabetes? Let’s hear it from the experts

Stress might be a mental health issue but it can affect your physical well-being as well.

You’re probably aware of the ill-effects of stress. But, did you know that it can also lead to diabetes? Yes, it’s absolutely true! Stress and diabetes are interlinked with one another.

In such a situation, it becomes important to define stress. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension which can be triggered by any event that makes you feel anxious, frustrated or angry. How an individual’s body responds to these challenges plays an important role in deciding how the stress ends up affecting their health. 

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“Stress can lead to diabetes in a predisposed individual (one who already has other risk factors for diabetes like a strong family history, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) and can also worsen glycemic control (blood sugar control) in those who already have diabetes,” said Dr Bhavik Saglani, Diabetes Health Physician and Consultant at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai.

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We need to classify the relationship between diabetes and stress into:

Direct effect

Our body tries to manage blood sugar levels by maintaining a fine balance between two groups of hormones

i) Insulin which reduces blood sugar levels, 

ii) And a group of hormones (Cortisol, Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Growth Hormone, etc ) which oppose the action of insulin

Stress causes an increase in this second group of counter-insulin hormones, leading to a rise in blood sugar levels. 

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