Can we tell someone’s cultural group from the way they laugh?

can we tell someones cultural group from the way they laugh

Sumary of Can we tell someone’s cultural group from the way they laugh?:

  • A new study by researchers from the University of Amsterdam with international colleagues shows that our laughter gives us away.
  • The study included Dutch and Japanese producers of laughter and listeners.
  • Listeners could detect whether a laughing person is from their own or another cultural group by only hearing a brief laughter segment.
  • Spontaneous laughter was rated as most positive by both groups.
  • Different types of laughter Laughter is a strong nonverbal vocalization, which is frequently used to signal affiliation, reward, or cooperative intent, and often helps to maintain and strengthen social bonds.
  • An important distinction is between spontaneous and voluntary laughter.
  • Spontaneous laughter is typically an uncontrolled reaction, for instance to hilarious jokes, and includes hard-to-fake acoustic features.
  • Voluntary laughter is produced by purposefully modulating vocal output, for instance for a preening boss, reflecting a more deliberate communicative act like conveying polite agreement.

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