Can’t seem to get along with your in-laws during this lockdown? Here are 9 tips to help you out

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Surely the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the single, most powerful enemy that the world is trying to fight off collectively these days. But if you’re a married woman, who is locked in with in-laws you just can’t get along with-you know that you also have a personal battle to fight.

Perhaps, the deadlier virus of constant nagging, taunts, and conflicts with your in-laws will also rise with each passing day of the lockdown. A lack of space and invasion of your privacy topped with taunts and cold behaviour every now and then—the inescapable situation surely seems like the devil’s devious plan. 

“Any constant source of nagging/poking/interference can disturb your mental health under normal circumstances. But, given the present situation of the unimaginable widespread of covid-19, being locked down with a set of nosy in-laws will surely test your patience and mental health,” agrees Dr. Poonam Poonia, Ph.D in clinical psychology and psychotherapist at Wellstar Clinic Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram and W- Pratiksha Hospital, Gurugram.

She adds that the anxiety stemming from the fear of getting infected, the financial insecurities, and the utter frustration of not being able to step out is likely to get worse with constant nagging or poking by your in-laws living with you during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. This, in turn, can escalate tensions and disturb the peace and harmony at home. 

Anxiety might kick in during this lockdown. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Unfortunately, you cannot run away or turn your house into an actual battleground.

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