Data collected via smartphones, wearables may help personalize depression treatment


Sumary of Data collected via smartphones, wearables may help personalize depression treatment:

  • “Simply put, current health care standards are mostly just asking people how they feel and then writing a prescription for medication..
  • “Depression is a multifaceted illness, and we need to approach it with personalized treatment whether that be therapy with a mental health professional, more exercise or a combination of approaches,”.
  • They aimed not to compare outcomes across individuals but to model predictors of each participant daily fluctuations in depressed mood..
  • Further, they used seven forms of supervised machine learning approaches, such as ensemble learning and regression-based methods, for each participant, and they verified models using fourfold nested cross-validation..
  • The researchers used Shapley statistics for further extract top-feature predictors for each participant best-fit personalized model..
  • “Clinicians can leverage this data to understand how their patients might be feeling and better integrate medical and behavioral approaches for improving and sustaining mental health,”…

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