deadly disease hidden in eyes

Sumary of Deadly disease hidden in eyes:

  • Australian researchers have made a huge breakthrough, discovering that eye movements can be used to discover a deadly illness.
  • Victorian researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery in what could help diagnose Australia’s most deadly mental illness.
  • The Swinburne Anorexia Nervosa Research Group found that anorexia nervosa, commonly referred to as anorexia, can possibly be diagnosed by an eye twitch.
  • Head researcher Dr Andrea Phillipou, who has been researching the illness since 2012, said they initially stumbled on the discovery.
  • ”As research progressed, Dr Phillipou and her team found that a combination of a type of twitching eye movement called ‘square wave jerks’ together with anxiety is a promising two-element biomarker for anorexia.
  • The eye jerks were found in people currently with the illness, survivors and sisters of people with anorexia nervosa.
  • Dr Phillipou is hopeful her research will allow earlier detection of the illness.
  • “Being able to detect the twitching eye movement as a screening tool, via an iPad or phone, would be extremely beneficial for GPs or in clinics where there is a suspected diagnosis,” she said.

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