Diabetes can lead to depression. Can omega-3 and vitamin D supplements help?

diabetes can lead to depression can omega 3 and vitamin d supplements help

Sumary of Diabetes can lead to depression. Can omega-3 and vitamin D supplements help?:

  • While it can manifest in the form of physical symptoms, it also brings with it certain mental health concerns.
  • Listen to this article Healthy eating offers a host of benefits to an individual.
  • We all know the importance of a balanced diet for good health and well-being, and how it helps prevent development of a medical illness.
  • A balanced diet provides an adequate amount of nutrients for the healthy functioning of the body.
  • Every nutrient has its own properties, and plays a critical role in shaping up an individual’s physical and mental health – especially when it comes to a person with diabetes.
  • Yes, it’s true — a healthy body is meant to have a healthy mind.
  • A mind that has access to all the required healthy nutrients in the body will be able to function at its optimum level.
  • how we think and feel at a psychological level impacts our physical health.

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