Does your personal bias cloud your decision making? Well, scientists can tell by looking at your bra …


Do you often look back at your past decisions and see how often reality was clouded by your own version of it? Well turns out scientists can recognise the way our personal bias exists during decision making.

Everyone has a bias, and neuroscientists can see what happens inside your brain as you succumb to it. The clue comes from alpha brain waves — a pattern of activity when the neurons in the front of your brain fire in rhythm together, they said.

The strength of alpha brain waves reveals if you are about to make a biased decision, says a new study.

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According to the researchers, biases in sensory perception can arise from both experimental manipulations and personal trait-like features.

Mental health is important at every stage of life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

But, how are the Alpha brain waves and our biased decisions connected? Alpha brain waves pop up when people make decisions, but it remains unclear what their role is.

For the findings, published in the journal JNeurosci, the researchers Laetitia Grabot and Christoph Kayser from the Bielefeld University in Germany, used electroencephalography to monitor the brain activity of adults while they made a decision.

According to the study, the participants saw a picture and heard sound milliseconds apart and then decided which one came first.…

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