‘Emotional’ reviews predict business success, new study shows


Sumary of ‘Emotional’ reviews predict business success, new study shows:

  • Five-star ratings are no guarantee to lead you to the perfect barber who truly understands your hair or to the espresso machine that brews a perfect cup of coffee..
  • The researchers explored box office revenue of 2,400 movies, sales of 1.6 million books and real-world reservations at more than 1,000 restaurants..
  • On Amazon.com, for example, the average star rating is approximately 4.2 out of 5 with well over half of the reviews being five-star ratings..
  • Nearly half of all Yelp reviews are five-star ratings, and recent research indicates that nearly 90% of Uber ratings may be five stars..
  • Indeed, the study found that review ratings were overwhelmingly four and five stars, a few one-star ratings, and few ratings in between..
  • Across four large-scale studies, the researchers used computational linguistics to assess the emotionality of reviews — that is whether the reviews suggested the person writing it had an emotional reaction to the product..
  • The researchers also were able to predict the success of books on Amazon using the same model based on 20 years of data from 1995 to 2015..
  • For both the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls, they obtained real-time tweets the day those ads aired and they measured the subsequent gain in Facebook followers..
  • Then, they compared their own model, which incorporates text emotionality, to the USA Today Ad Meter survey, a popular Super Bowl rating system….

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