Ever been lost in the grocery store? Researchers are closer to knowing why it happens

ever been lost in the grocery store researchers are closer to knowing why it happens

Sumary of Ever been lost in the grocery store? Researchers are closer to knowing why it happens:

  • Researchers have long struggled to learn how the brain remembers spatial environments, especially those that are similar — such as two stores from the same supermarket chain — and how the brain avoids confusion, or doesn’t.
  • A new study by University of Arizona psychologists suggests that the brain may treat similar environments as if they are even more different than a pair of environments that have nothing in common.
  • ” “Until our study, we didn’t know how the brain might be able to differentiate those things,” said senior study author Arne Ekstrom, a professor of psychology in the College of Science who leads UArizona’s Human Spatial Cognition Laboratory.
  • Li Zheng, a postdoctoral fellow in Ekstrom’s lab, led the study, which was published in the journal Nature Communications.
  • The findings could eventually help scientists better understand why conditions such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease cause symptoms such as disorientation and poor spatial memory.
  • “The implications here would be maybe this neural repulsion mechanism is something that could be impaired with aging,” Ekstrom said.
  • “If you understand the mechanisms whereby healthy, young brains work, maybe you can better understand some of the things that go wrong with neural disease and aging.
  • ” Three Virtual Cities, Nine Virtual Stores The study’s 27 participants watched an animated video from the perspective of someone walking around three virtual cities.

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