Experts highlight latest advancements in neurogenic classification and pain management

Experts highlight latest advancements in neurogenic classification and pain management

There have been significant advances in knowledge regarding the pathology, etiology, assessment, and treatment of several significant neurogenic pain disorders regularly encountered by neurorehabilitation professionals in both inpatient and outpatient care. In a collection of articles published in NeuroRehabilitation, experts describe the latest advancements in neurogenic classification and pain management and treatment of these disorders.

Neurogenic pain results from injury to or disease of the central and/or peripheral nervous system. Types of neurogenic pain include neuropathic pain (due to nerve damage or disease), central pain (arising from a lesion in the central nervous system – such as thalamic pain following stroke), and deafferentation pain (the interruption or destruction of the afferent connections of nerve cells), among other mechanisms.

There are multiple emerging trends in neurogenic pain management with particular reference to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), neuropathic pain, and cranial neuralgias.”

Guest Editor and co-Editor-in-Chief Nathan Zasler, MD, Concussion Care Centre of Virginia Ltd. and Tree of Life Services, Inc.

Dr. Zasler is also a clinical professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, USA. “The topic of post-traumatic cephalalgia (headache) remains highly debated as does the area of functional/psychogenic pain disorders, both of which are elaborated on in this thematic issue of NeuroRehabilitation along with other more common, controversial, and/or challenging neurogenic pain disorders.”

Articles in this issue provide in-depth reviews of:

Diagnosis and treatment of CRPS (Allison Kessler, Min Yoo, Randy Calisoff) Classification, pathology, etiology, and treatment of neuropathic pain (Douglas Murphy, Denise Lester, F.…

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